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We make shopping fun

SplitChek makes shopping special, creating a family-friendly social network and connecting you to trusted businesses. We allow you to create a social shopping with your loved ones

SplitChek simplifying shopping

We help you organise your shopping

You can sort your ideal products into wishlists that your family and friends can see, making the often stressful gifting season a smooth experience. Perfect for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

SplitChek Streamlining Selling

We find products and services for you

SplitChek connects you to stores around the world. If we can't find it near you, we can find it around you

How SplitChek can help you reduce expenses

We help you reduce excessive use of credit cards and buy-now pay-later debts by combining discounts, sharing payments with your loved ones and or with SplitChek's community

Wonderful things can happen, you just have to take part in it

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SplitChek is safe even for the little ones giving them the opportunity to add items to their wishlist

If you are a fan of secret santa, or getting that special birthday gift for your school friend or anything you can think of, SplitChek will give you the tools

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