Our mission is to educate our young generation about the importance of sharing with their loved ones.

Do you remember the old times where we used to have 2 to 6 credit cards and how we used to juggle them? For those who don't know what credit card juggling means  -  also known as Credit Card kiting - Credit card juggling refers to the use of one or more credit cards to obtain cash and purchasing power they do not have, or pay credit card balances with the proceeds of other cards. This used to work for us until all credit cards are maxed out and we can afford to get more.

Today however, we have the a similar trend which is growing very fast Pay-Later systems. This allows anyone to buy almost anything without money and no interest as long as they pay it back within x weeks. This easy to use and more tempting than credit cards. If it was hard to get a credit card but we still managed to get up to 6 cards how about the Pay-Later  system. Almost none of them do credit history and our young ones are like a sheep he was led to the slaughter. They think this is independence and they can impress friends and without proper education they grow up only knowing the only way to live in this world is to be in bad debt.

It is our mission as parents to stand up and be the light to our kids. Stand up be a living example to our kids, teach them ways to live and prepare a better brighter future for our kids.

SplitChek does not say don't use these great payment methods. They are great and they have revolutionised our economy and buying power. We are saying let's educate each other about other options and use these systems as the last resort. SplitChek allows you to choose some of these methods at its checkout so we are not against them.

How can we use SplitChek to educate our next generation?

SplitChek is designed to prepare our kids for the future. We first start with shopping. This is the heart of all spendings from groceries to clothing. Our aim is to get most businesses around the world to sell their products within our platform. SplitChek will create payment methods that will reduce excessive use of credit cards  like split payments, community payments, discounts from stores, discounts from shipping companies, global loyalty points and global gift cards.  While we can do this, we want to work with families to improve and provide a better service for our next generations. We want to work with you to bring a better education to our next generations. SplitChek is community driven and therefore your opinion is more valuable to us.

We will work with businesses that provides financial education to your kids. As a social platform, we want you to share educational content to your families and the public. Good material is not found only in one spot but we can bring it  together to create a great library that will educate our future generations.

If read till this far, we a thankful that you found our about us interesting and different. Now it is time for you to take action. If you believe we need to educate our next generation about finance, about how to properly plan for their future , then join us.