Business Payment terms

Effective on April 15, 2020

To enhance the quality, convenience, and security of the shopper's experience on SplitChek, these SplitChek Business Payments Terms apply to all merchants using SplitChek Payments.

1. Transactions


We may approve or deny your request to use SplitChek Payments methods at our sole discretion.

Roles of parties

You accept responsibility for fulfilling each transaction pursuant to the terms you offer. SplitChek is the voice of the shopper and if you fail to fulfil orders, we will reverse the order and refund the shopper. You will be responsible for any fees incurred will. In addition, we will disable your account until you request to enable it in writing


Prices are governed by the following rules:

  1. You may price items for sale in your own local currency where such pricing is supported.
  2. You can set price rules to help improve promoting your products
  3. You must offer the same price on SplitChek or better that you offer on your own website or other platform and
  4. you may not incentivize SplitChek shoppers to make a purchase on your website or in an app on another platform by, for example, providing free or discounted goods or services that are not available to purchasers on SplitChek.

SplitChek Payments does not allow the following types of transactions:

  1. You may not conduct a transaction for which the promotion or execution is prohibited on SplitChek.
  2. You may not utilise SplitChek Payments to sell virtual currency.
  3. Except with our prior authorisation, you may not use SplitChek Payments to solicit, collect, or transfer funds for charitable causes.

You will not use or disclose any shopper's payment information obtained from us for any purpose other than to complete the transaction for which the information was obtained.

2.Your Responsibilities and Risks


You acknowledge that transactions with minors may be voidable by law and agree that you may be required to refund amounts paid.

Dispute resolution

You are solely responsible for the resolution of disputes between yourself and users, including without limitation disputes that we refer to you or notify you of via tools or systems we may provide. We have the right and the obligation, to assist in the resolution of such disputes.


You agree to provide us with any records that we request related to a dispute between you and a shopper. You agree to notify us in a timely manner if you receive an inquiry from any government agency about SplitChek Payments.


You agree to cooperate with us to prevent fraudulent or illegal transactions. As part of our efforts to deter fraud and suspicious transactions, we may limit the number of transactions or volume of payments you are able to accept during a given period of time. We may also may suspend, remove, or disable access to any product or service you offer at any time without notice, and we will have no liability for removing or disabling access to any such product or service.

No Liability

We will not be liable to you for compensation, reimbursement, or damages on account of the loss of prospective profits, anticipated sales, or goodwill, or on account of expenditures, investments, or commitments in connection with your use of SplitChek Payments, or for any termination or suspension of SplitChek Payments services.


If you offer subscriptions to your store, you must continue to make the product available to subscribed shoppers through the end of any active subscription period, or refund any remaining subscriptions on a pro-rated basis.


You will be liable for all Chargebacks relating to transactions discovered within 90 days of the transaction. By “Chargebacks” we mean any reversals of payment initiated by a third-party payment provider. We will assume the responsibility for Chargebacks discovered after the 90th day unless: (a) we determine you conducted the transaction in connection with a breach of SplitChek rules or policies, or (b) your Chargeback rate for any one of the prior three months exceeds five percent of your total transaction volume for that month.


If we provide refunds or other compensation to a shopper as a result of either the shopper’s transaction with you using SplitChek Payments or any claims made by third parties arising from your products or services, then you agree that we may recover from you any monetary loss related to such provision.


The following rules regarding taxes apply:

SplitChek will apply taxes based on your tax rules on condition that your tax rule includes the country in which the shopper resides. If no tax rules exists, SplitChek will use rules base on the laws of the shoppers country