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Shoppers want your service on SplitChek. SplitChek is an ecommerce platform that allows stores around the world to connect to its shoppers at a personal level. So don't miss out.

SplitChek brings shoppers to your store

SplitChek and its partners promote services listed on its platform on other advertising platforms like Google, Facebook and others. This can help you generate more sales without you spending to much on advertising

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Sell your first 100 products for free

When you have less than 100 products, you can sell them on SplitChek for free. SplitChek only charges for payment gateway fees up to 5% per transaction

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100 products not enough? 
Try SplitChek's paid plans 

Up To 100 Product
$0.30 + 5% per transaction
Up To 100 Product
$0.30 + 3% per transaction

SplitChek Enterprise

The Enterprise plan give you more control of you stores, products and ads placements. Unlike other plans, it has no limits.With the Enterprise plan, you get everything that is on the Plus and many more features

Custom ads

SplitChek can show competitor ads on your product listing and when shoppers browse to your store. The Enterprise plan allows you to create your own ads targeting your own store and products within SplitChek - eliminating competition 

Unlimited products

You can sell as many products as you want. Furthermore, you can create as many virtual stores as you want. A store can be attached to multiple virtual stores. Virtual stores can help your business be found within the shopper's geographic location. 

Unlimited Custom Grouping

 You can create unlimited custom categories,  brands and seasonal categories. Seasonal categories may include; new arrivals, top sellers, discounted products and or deals of the week

2 HasTags

HashTags are used as a shortcut to your store or any service you offer. When shopper searches for your HashTag, they will be taken straight to your landing page no competition for the top spot in the search result page.