How SplitChek works

  1. We connect you to retailers, services and any business that sells to the public.
  2. When you purchase an item, you purchase it directly from the store.
  3. Your money back guarantee is on us.
  4. Stores will ship goods to you
  5. If you are not happy, let SplitChek know and we will make sure you get what you ordered

Know before you buy it

You can discuss the pros and cons of buying a product or a service with your loved ones, recommend products, share vital feedback. We want you to have a peace of mind when purchasing items on SplitChek

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Shop with your loved ones

SplitChek has turned shopping into a social experience, where you connect with your loved ones, family, besties and more. During shopping you can ask friends or family for their recommendations and opinions. If you can't afford it, they can contribute towards your order. If you don't have enough friends, SplitCHek community can help you out.

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Suitable for the little ones

SplitChek is a family-friendly platform. Young ones can share their wishlist within the family. As young as 7 years old can create and account on SplitChek. Due to this diverse age demographics, some stores, products, goss will not be visible to certain age

Share a goss?

SplitChek Goss is a way to share with the community and your loved ones your experiences with products and services. You can exchange jokes, hot gossip, warm smiles and laughter on SplitChek. You can share anything from food, travelling, shopping, discounts or just for laughs

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Enjoy better discounts

We are social and we want you to relax when dealing with our business partners on SplitChek and therefore, we provide you with ways to save money on SplitChek

  1. Earn points - while you shop: Earn SplitChek points from any business around the world. In addition, earn more points from stores that offer points on SplitChek
  2. Bargains: Grab a bargain by trying to snatch the highest discount as products pass by. It's fun, try it after login
  3. Coupons: Find coupons submitted by the community or businesses on SplitChek.
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